Clear Mind Master Coaching Program

4 months to Lasting Change

1:1 or group coaching available

I help my clients to successfully embody an all-encompassing sense of Confidence, Authenticity, Peace and Clarity to Create Greater Impact in Life, Business and Family Within 4 Months.

 Clear Mind Master offers a variety of programs to quickly eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative self-talk by the root. Say good-bye to anxiety, imposter syndrome and procrastination.

The Clear Mind Master Coaching Program is designed to help you develop and implement your own personalized Mindset strategy that grows with you for life!

Step into your future a freer version of yourself, knowing you can do and handle anything from your new place of confidence, peace and clarity.

Turn hesitation into powerful action. Today.

Permanent Freedom of Imposter Syndrome, Self-sabotage, Fear, Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-Talk, Self-Doubt and Procrastination

Imagine Life and Work with Confidence, Authenticity and Peaceful Flow

to finally create the Impact you have always dreamed of

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to learn about my 5-step CLEAR MIND Program that allowed me and hundreds of my clients to eliminate self-doubt, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage from work and life permanently.

 What’s included in the

Clear Mind Master Coaching Program?

C.L.E.A.R. METHOD™ FULL ON-LINE TRAINING SUITE of 12 modules includes:

  • C – Consistent Action – I will teach and help you to keep up consistency without overwhelm, so that you get REAL RESULTS fast. This is part of my Clear Mind Master Accountability System.

  • L – Logical Right Action – I will guide you through my unique C.L.E.A.R Method, a powerful, results focused, step by step system to get you reliably from A to B, to create consistent confidence, clarity, ease and focus

  • E- Experiential Learning: I share with you the Immediate Personal Experience system (IPE™) of experiential and immediate learning – to give you a direct path to first-hand experience of peace, confidence, clarity, focus and skillful communication. IPE permanently rewires your brain to think and act differently, so that benefits will stay with you permanently – without the need of an ongoing practice.

  • A – Apply Living Process (LP)™: So that nothing stays theory, with my guidance and support, we’ll consistently test, experiment and fine tune your new mindset for yourself, others, family and work – to create a tried and tested, sustainable new You

  • R – Replicable Processes – I teach you and support you to implement my Toolkits For Life (TFL)™ process – to ensure that you have developed a future and crisis proof mindset that supports you no matter what life or work throws at you.

1:1 Private Coaching for Maximum Success!

My commitment to your success:

✔️ ​4 months program

✔️  On-boarding call with Xian: 1x 30-minute 1:1


✔️ ​Assignment Evaluation

✔️ ​ 1:1 COACHING WITH  Xian: 8 x Personalized Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

✔️  INNER CIRCLE COACHING: ​8 x Small Group Coaching Calls

✔️Unlimited extra coaching via WA 5 days a week

->    This is an unheard of amount of coaching and personal attention!

Group Coaching for Powerful Results on Smaller Budgets

My commitment to your success:

✔️ ​4 months program

✔️  On-boarding call with Xian: 1x 30-minute 1:1


✔️  INNER CIRCLE COACHING: ​8 x Small Group Coaching Calls

✔️Extra coaching via WA 2 days a week

->    This is an incredible amount of coaching!


>>> Pricing and payment options are available depending on your requirements

4 months of your time for a life-time of change!

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Kit Vanderberg – Canada


Kristina Sweden

(After just 2 weeks in the program)

Previous Clients Say…

Teri Vogt

Teri Vogt

I am 60. After your program I can say I am a better person. Such a memorable, educational experience. I live with your wisdom. I praise your teachings and wished you had been my original teacher.

Julie Corner

Julie Corner

Xian has helped to heal things I didn’t even realize needed healing. She helped me grow and transform. I would never have believed how far I could come! My tool kits and blueprints have already helped me through so many ups and downs of life. My partner transformed with me! Thank you so much for sharing what you know, and for your constant, kindness, support, love and compassion.

Jonathan Cina

Jonathan Cina

I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time. Xian is a wonderful teacher, with a catching energy allowing students to break out of their comfort zone – she really inspired me! My mind changed deeply during the program. Now 1 year later, I can say that it changed my life.


“I never knew that I knew so little…”

David Goddard

“The change started from day 1 and it’s been with me ever since.”

Harmony D'Couto

“The way this program is structured and how it all builds up on itself is simply brilliant.”

Kit Vanderberg

“I now approach everything in life completely differently. I am not even the same person anymore. I am now constantly consciously aware of myself. I can choose what I let into my being and what not.”

Desiree Carter

Client Results:

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Alex Thomson

Every day I learned something new that enriched my mind, and spirit. Xian is one of the wisest, kindest, and most authentic human being I know, and she is truly a blessing to have been able to spend time with and learn from. The program was a life changing experience for me.