Welcome to a New Era of Mindset Work – No More ‘Practices’ – but Permanently Rewire your Brain!

For Business Owners, Leaders, Executives and High Achievers

Looking To Make Exponentially Greater Impact in Business And Life in 4 months!

I’m Xian

Senior Mind Master & Personal Transformation Coach

I teach You How to Live and Work

with Superior Clarity, Focus, Confidence, Authenticity and Peace


Good bye Stress, Overwhelm, Distractions and Self-Sabotage!

Good-bye endless hours wasted on Mindset Practices!

Permanently welcome focus, competent actions, limitless productivity, clear decisions, clean critical thinking in crisis, ease and peace inside and out – and the things that truly nourish you!

True Success depends on how level your head stays in crisis

Setting a new standard for Mindset work around the world!

Winner of She Leaps Award

for Content Creation of Clear Mind Master

Stand calmly with a clear head in the middle of the storm of life, work, or kids

Clear Mind Master

For Female Business Leaders and Executives

I have helped over a thousand of my clients to make Exponentially Greater Impact in Business And Life in 4 months – by clearing their minds, emotions and behavior of what is not necessary anymore (past, present and future).

By working with the true nature of the mind, quickly eliminate THE NEED FOR distractions, feelings of stress, overwhelm and self-sabotage forever by the root to never return, and recreate yourself the way you always dreamed to be.

Clear Mind Master offers a variety of programs – that easily fit into a busy life style as NO sit down practice is required.

Clear Mind Master is designed to help you implement your own personalized Mindset strategy that reliably grows with you for the rest of your life!

Imagine Life and Work with

Permanent Mental and Emotional Freedom

To Create Greater Impact Than You Ever Dreamed Of

What would be possible? What doors would open?

About Me

Xian, Founder of Clear Mind Master

Mindset Coach| Lifestyle Mentor| Leadership Consultant | Behaviorist | Communication Expert | Productivity Specialist for Business Executives


At 51 years old, I know what it’s like. As a mother and business owner and former corporate professional, I deeply understand the challenges us ladies encounter on a day to day basis.

From dealing with deadlines, employees, personal relationship emergencies, problems at work and at home, juggling a million things, all the while still trying to stay calm and present with our children, partners and life, focused, on point, professional and clear to make major decisions as well as work productively and effectively – and somehow trying to enjoy it all… It’s a lot…

I was extremely successful and recognized at work, but inside I was crumbling with stress and overwhelm.

I spent 30 years studying the most advanced mindset, consciousness and spiritual practices available and as a result designed Clear Mind Master to set a new standard to international Mindset work.

I created a no mumbo-jumbo, logical and straight forward approach which, through a new understanding of how the mind functions, eradicates the ‘NEED to feel’ stress, overwhelm (fill in your blanks), NEARLY INSTANTLY (!)

Not only delete the time you waste with distractions, self-sabotage and all that stuff going on inside your head and feelings, but also the endless hours wasted on meditation or other ongoing mindset practice – leaving the space for focus, controlled, competent actions and decision making, clean critical thinking, greater ease and peace inside and out – and of course… more time for the things that truly nourish us and the people we love!

  • Founder and Owner of Clear Mind Master
  • Winner Global Woman of Choice 2021 Award
  • Founder Ahimsa Transformational Center
  • Life and Business Coach
  • Developer of the C.L.E.A.R MIND method
  • Author of the book ‘Why You Don’t Need Shoes’

Specialty: Deep Mindset release, Rewire, Behavior, Emotion, Communication Specialist, Trauma and Pattern release, Personal Development

    Step into a freer, more at ease, exponentially more powerful version of yourself.


    Exquisitely Kick-ass

    Profoundly Effective

    Thoroughly Enjoyable!

    Go Where You Are Treated Best

    Instant Results

    Obvious, measurable results from the get go

    Experiential Learning

    Instantly experience teachings, instead of just accumulating more theory (IPE – Immediate Personal Experience Approach).

    Exquisitely Designed

    Logical, straight forward, step by step process,  tailored to YOUR EXACT NEEDS, that will keep you motivated and excited for more.

    Developing of Toolkits for future use

    Lasting change on all levels, that grows with you for life (Living Process), ETFL (Embodied Toolkits for Life)

    Is it for me?

     This is for you if you are done pfaffing around and you want to see lasting results – Fast!

    Who is Clear Mind Master for?

    >> You are in a leadership role and need infallible confidence, clarity and focus, no matter what life, family, kids or work throw at you – without having to waste time on a mindset practice!

    >> You are an established, successful business owner, executive, professional or entrepreneur, and you are ready to scale your mindset for the next step of success for work, life and family.

    >> You are a go-getter and action taker, who needs to stay un-distracted, productive and on point, and be the leader that your business needs you to be.

    >> You if you want to know what only 1% of the top 1% of Mindset practitioners know -> It’s not about your mindset practice, but about permanently reprogramming your mind, so that you do not need to waste your time on a practice anymore.

    >> You know that a confident, clear and focused mindset is a ‘must have’ to expand your business, not a ‘nice to have’.

    >> If you want to make your mind into a peaceful, yet fine tuned machine that does your bidding rather than the other way round.

    That path exists! Just not many people know where to look.

    I’ve walked the path for over 30 years.

    Let me show you the way!