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I’m Xian

Senior Mind Master & Personal Transformation Coach

I Teach You How to Live and Work with Confidence, Authenticity and Peace

– I do not work with time consuming practices – but by permanently rewiring your brain. You can feel clearer and more productive to make greater impact in life, work & family – Fast

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Winner of She Leaps

Clear Mind Master

I help business leaders and executive entrepreneur ladies to:

I have helped over a thousand of my clients to successfully embody an all-encompassing sense of Confidence, Authenticity, Peace and Clarity to Create Greater Impact in Life, Business and Family Within 4 Months.

 Clear Mind Master offers a variety of programs to quickly eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative self-talk by the root. Say good-bye to anxiety, imposter syndrome and procrastination.

Clear Mind Master is designed to help you develop and implement your own personalized Mindset strategy that grows with you for life!

Step into your future a freer version of yourself, knowing you can do and handle anything from your new place of confidence, peace and clarity.

Turn hesitation into powerful action. Today.

Permanent Freedom of Imposter Syndrome, Self-sabotage, Fear, Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-Talk, Self-Doubt and Procrastination

Imagine Life and Work with Confidence, Authenticity and Peaceful Flow

to finally create the Impact you have always dreamed of

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to learn about my 5-step CLEAR MIND Program that allowed me and hundreds of my clients to eliminate self-doubt, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage from work and life permanently

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Is it for me?

Who is Clear Mind Master for?

>> You are in a leadership role and need infallible confidence, clarity and focus, no matter what life or work throws at you – without having to waste time on a mindset practice!

>> You are an established, successful business owner and you are ready to scale your mindset for the next step of success for work, life and family.

>> You are a go-getter and action taker, who needs to stay undistracted, productive and on point, and be the leader that your business needs you to be.

>> You if you want to know what only 1% of the top 1% of Mindset practitioners know -> It’s not about your mindset practice, but about permanently reprogramming your mind, so that you do not need to waste your time on a practice anymore.

>> You know that a confident, clear and focused mindset is a ‘must have’ to expand your business, not a ‘nice to have’.

>> If you want to make your mind into a fine tuned peaceful machine that does your bidding, and not the other way round.

This is for you if you are done pfaffing around

and you want to see lasting results. Fast.

Does your personal development plan look like this?


[Idea from Google] - that I know I never have time for

[Idea from YouTube] - that I am excited about for about 5 minutes and then forget

[Inspiration from a Class] - that I then do not know how to implement into my life

[Practice] - that only give temporary bliss but do not solve the actual problem by the root

[Practice chaos] - random practices that do not fit together, have no goal, direction or real destination

What if it could look look like this?


You see clear and obvious results from day one

Once understood, no further practice is needed

You are truly embodying confidence, authenticity, focus and greater productivity in the future and in crisis

You can deal with life, work and relationships more gracefully, no matter what life throws at you

You have a strategic, personalized, proven, clear, step-by-step plan of how to get from A to B

Teri Vogt

Teri Vogt

I am 60. I have taught Yoga for over 30 years. After your program I can say I am a better teacher, a better person. Such a memorable, educational experience. I teach every class with your wisdom. I praise your teachings and wished you had been my original teacher.

Julie Corner

Julie Corner

Xian has helped to heal things I didn’t even realize needed healing. She helped me grow and transform. I would never have believed how far I’d come in a year! My tool kits and blueprints have already helped me through so many ups and downs of life. Thank you so much for sharing what you know, and for your constant, kindness, support, love and compassion.

Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson

Every day I learned something new that enriched my body, mind, and spirit. Xian is one of the wisest, kindest, and most authentic human being I know, and she is truly a blessing to have been able to spend time with and learn from. The program was a life changing experience for me.

Jonathan Cina

Jonathan Cina

I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time. Xian is a wonderful teacher, with a catching energy allowing students to break out of their comfort zone – she really inspired me! My mind changed deeply during the program. Now 1 year later, I can say that it changed my life.


That path exists! Just not many people know where to look.

I’ve walked the path for over 30 years.

Let me show you the way!

Exquisitely Designed

Logical, straight forward, step by step process, that will keep you excited for more, and looking forward to each new . Designed to truly make things happen

Experiential Learning

Instantly experience teachings, instead of just accumulating more theory (IPE).

Instant Results

Obvious, measurable results from the get go

Developing of Toolkits for future use

Lasting change on all levels, that grows with you for life (Living Process), ETFL (Embodied Toolkits for Life)

Go Where You Are Treated Best

About Me

Hi, I am Xian

Mindset and Life Coach of 30 years

With 30 years of exquisitely honed self-practice, experimentation and teaching experience under my belt, I am acutely aware of the extraordinary transformative impact my work has on my students.

  • Founder of Clear Mind Master
  • Winner Global Woman of Choice 2021 Award
  • Former founder and owner of Ahimsa Ashram Transformational Center
  • Life and Business Coach
  • Developer of C.L.E.A.R MIND method
  • Author of the book ‘Why You Don’t Need Shoes’
  • Client manager for IBM London/High Achievement Award
  • Hewlett Packard – Golden Helix Award

  • Specialty:
  • -Deep Mindset release and rewire
  • -Personal Development
  • -Behavior, Emotions, Communication
  • -Trauma and Pattern release

Go where you get Lasting, Real Results that Truly Matter. Fast!

Xian will show you that internal life can be way easier to live than you think!

Experience it, become it, be it, 24/7!